3000m Distance 808nm Infrared Laser Illuminator Module

> Intelligent auto-dimming, Smart match, Hot-swappable
> -35℃ low temperature cold starting
> Fiber Coupling Edge Emitting Laser (EEL)
> Synchronized zoom with Savgood visible camera
> Clear picture and spot boundary





Effective Distance ≥3000m
Mode Fiber Coupling EEL (Edge Emitting Laser)
Wavelength 808±10nm
Input Power <60W
Output Light Power ≥18W
Laser Beam Angle Far Angle 0.3°, Effective Distance>3000m, Beam Spot Diameter<φ16m
Near Angle 50°, Effective Distance>10m
Initialization time 12s
Control Mode UART_TTL, RS-485, Manual
Communication Interface RS-485, TTL232, Manual Control
Communication Protocol Pelco-D (9600bps)
Working Mode Continues
Service Life > 20000H
Input Power DC24V±10%, 2.2A±0.3A
Operation Temperature -35°C~+55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Dimension 444mmx136mmx123mm
Weight 3.7kg

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